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Video celebrating Odlo's Norwegian roots

For the Norwegian Costitutional Day on May 17th, ODLO wished to celebrate its roots and its passion for the outdoors with a video on social channels, cocreate with the complicity of Pubblimarket2.

The video pays tribute to the history of ODLO, a sportswear brand born in Norway in 1946, to the beauty of its homeland and to the philosophy of its inhabitants: Friluftsliv (literally, “free air life” or “open air living”)Friluftsliv is a feeling, it goes beyond a life choice and becomes more like a cultural identity.

This ancient concept, deeply rooted in Norwegian culture and widespread in much of Scandinavian territory, is based on the celebration of the beauty of the Nordic territory and on the importance of living connecting with nature, away from screens and modern life.

It is a real lifestyle that identifies life in the open air as the secret to being happy.



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