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The third issue of 2FACETHECHANGE meets and tells Design Resistance.

The Covid-19 situation has overturned all our balances, it has taken away the certainties that governed our daily life by putting us in a defensive position. A mechanism that has not only affected personal habits but also work and professional habits, however, in many cases triggering an instinct for adaptation, for rebirth!

This is also what the protagonists of
Design Resistance must have tried, an editorial project launched by the journalists Claudio Moltani, Valentina Dalla Costa and Cristina Provenzano. Recognized and appreciated pens from the design and architecture sector that have joined forces to give voice to companies, architects, designers, workers and communicators and tell how they are facing the Coronavirus emergency. A virtual platform where very different stories are mixed but united by a desire for resistance and resilience. They called it "a call to arms against an unusual enemy".

A project that demonstrates how editorial logic must change quickly, adapt to the moment and adopt new strategies to play a role of service and inquiry.

An idea that shares the spirit with which Pubblimarket2 has launched 2FaceTheChange, the series of whitepapers that summarizes the experiences of entrepreneurs and professionals operating in different sectors and at an international level, to identify reading keys and business strategies adaptable to the new social context -cheap.



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