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The sports market treated by the protagonists: brand strategies, in-store dynamics, customer relationship and new purchasing models. All the aspects in the new 2FACETHECHANGE white paper

The world has stopped with the lock down. On the other hand, the passion of sportsmen never ended, in many cases it brought new choices in the activities, with practices that now find continuity even after the reopening. The manufacturing companies have faced many unknowns, related primarily to unstable market dynamics and internal management then, while distribution has suffered the closing period of the stores and now approaches of a “different consumer”.

An understanding of the sports sector therefore deserves a broad analysis, which investigates multiple aspects. To do this, we sought a comparison with some important companies, both in terms of production and distribution, to listen to direct experiences and start a comparison on a future that foresees changes in some B2B logics due to the incoming different consumer behavior.

What strategies will allow brands to gain a competitive advantage? Will new players emerge in the market? Should we expect a new approach to collections? How does the end user behave on the point of sale today, and what does he expect from the retailer?

All the aspects have been treated by the four contributors, guests in the new 2FACETHECHANGE white paper:



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