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The Pubblimarket2 agency takes on the brand identity and brand image of Greenline Yachts

Greenline Yachts is a Slovenian brand recognized throughout the world for having introduced a new concept of sustainable boating, with the launch, in 2008, of the first hybrid yacht with electric propulsion. This year, the company has tasked Pubblimarket2 with strategic consulting and coordinating integrated marketing communications, including conceiving and carrying out major communications initiatives, from press campaigns to materials for sales support.   

The brand, which was originally created on the drawing boards of the famous J&J architecture firm, in 2017, passed to the hands of Vladimir Zinchenko and SVP Yachts, which is the most important Slovenian yacht manufacturer today. It is the exclusive builder of the famous Shipman and Skagen brands as well. 

The agency, which is based in Udine, Italy, quickly got to work on positioning the company, which is ever more focused on building yachts that appeal to boaters for how incredibly liveable they are and their  ease of navigation—in other words, experiencing the sea in the cleanest way possible, without noise, without emissions, fully respecting the environment. As of now, Pubblimarket2 has come up with corporate tools as well as sales support initiatives and materials allowing the brand to participate in the “Boat Show” in Düsseldorf, a top international showcase where the new brand identity was presented. 

“Our many years of experience in the boating industry have allowed us to use our acquired expertise to highlight the values of the Greenline Yachts brand and the advantages of the product range,” says Francesco Sacco, President of Pubblimarket2. He closes with: “We are proud to confirm our collaboration with Greenline Yachts for all of 2018. In fact, we are already working on coming up with the new international campaign targeted toward online and offline media.”

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