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The new spring-summer collections. Pubblimarket2 makes the Melby shop windows bloom.

Dress in freedom with Melby. The warm season is approaching and for the over 600 stores that distribute the brand of the Fratelli Campagnolo Group, Pubblimarket2 has designed and implemented the SS19 communication starting with window dressing.
Children and teenagers are the protagonists of the target age range of 0 to 16 year olds, who will be covering the usual moments of everyday life like school and free time, and also exceptional and unforgettable moments for elegant formal wear. 
For the top stores (around thirty in Italy), a structure has been designed that rests on a wooden base and allows panels to be inserted at multiple levels to create three-dimensionality, mark out spaces and enhance the images taken from the shooting of the new collection. 
For the remaining points of sale, communication focuses on self-standings and posters



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