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The new Smartplast brand entrusts Pubblimarket2 with the launch of DIVIDE

Smartplast, an offshoot of the South Tyrolean company Palbox, set up with the purpose of designing and manufacturing functional and design products to help simplify the lives of consumers, has chosen Pubblimarket2 for the launch of its first product, DIVIDE. The Udine-based agency will handle corporate and product communication with the aid of both traditional and digital communication tools.

Pubblimarket2 has been put in charge of marketing and communication activities by the new brand SmartPlast. SmartPlast is a young company – though with decades of experience behind them as an offshoot of Palbox – that designs and manufactures functional and design products aimed at making the lives of consumers easier, both at home and at work.
The prime objective of the partnership is to launch the DIVIDE sustainable partition system on the furniture and interior design market, starting with an analysis of customer satisfaction and positioning of the new furnishing accessory and then developing a marketing strategy and integrated communication plan, and finally defining communication and creative ad materials.

From the market research carried out by the SWG institute a number of elements emerged that contributed significantly to the development of a sales, marketing and communication strategy; it also provided ideas for optimizing the product, with the aim of making DIVIDE a useful and practical product for an end-consumer looking for a system capable of dividing, organizing and making the most of living/working space.
On the basis of the results obtained, Pubblimarket2 helped the client to identify the key targets to be reached and, consequently, the contents and tools to be used. The communication strategy was then developed, with the aim of boosting awareness of the brand and product, primarily vis-à-vis architects and contractors. The aim is to provide support in the sell-in phase, focusing primarily on issues relating to functionality, aesthetics and customisation of the product which, thanks to the range of colours and textures available, enable it to be incorporated into all interior design projects.

In order to highlight the key characteristics of the product and make them immediately recognisable by the target, Pubblimarket2 developed a creative approach that was both distinctive and contemporary. “The creative work started with the definition of the name - says Alberto Di Donna, creative director -. We then went on to develop the brand guidelines, identifying colours, tone-of-voice and communication style, with the aim of making DIVIDE stand out thanks to its authenticity, freshness and ‘smart’ soul. We were then inspired by the world of design for the in-situ images, adding an original touch through illustrations made directly by us, which highlight the salient features of the different spaces and places in which DIVIDE can be installed”.

The creative project’s reach extends to brochures, catalogues, sales pitches and the online website, and will also be a feature of social media communication, the next project to be launched on behalf of the brand.

“We are proud to put our experience both as marketing and communication consultants and as a creative team at the disposal of Smartplast - says Giacomo Miranda, CEO of Pubblimarket2 -. This new project, which came into being at the height of lockdown, posed a stimulating challenge right from the start: there were hundreds of different paths we could have taken, and in order to identify the correct one we first had to analyse market data and public sentiment. We managed it - by using all the expertise of our entire team: from analytical and strategic to project management and creative skills. The result is an integrated communication project that is the perfect expression of all our agency’s various components ".

“We chose to entrust the launch of DIVIDE to Pubblimarket2 - says Daniele Scherbi, PM of Palbox-Smartplast - because we were looking for an agency that was able to give us all-round support, with a strategic and consultative approach. The Pubblimarket2 team managed to perfectly interpret our ideas and needs. We are very satisfied with the result - continues Scherbi -, the first step in a collaborative relationship that we sure will lead to even further satisfaction in the future”.



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