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The Explorer Magazine. Pubblimarket2 produces a new
edition of The North Face® trade tool 

The Explorer Magazine project has been entirely designed and implemented by Pubblimarket2 for the EMEA area and is now at its twelfth edition. 
It is a Technology Edition dedicated to the proprietary and non-proprietary technologies that characterize the products of The North Face® collections, which in this case too are full of multimedia and interactive content that make it particularly entertaining to use. 
The different sections of the magazine are dedicated to the layering system, trail running and hiking footwear, backpacks for expeditions and travel, ending with tents and sleeping bags. Together with a detailed presentation of the products and technologies, the magazine gives space to contributions by athletes, "how to sell" tips for the sales force, tables and comparative data, as well as a timeline of the company’s history from 1969 to the present day through a series of milestones. 
The magazine’s eighty-pages, in 6 languages, presents a set of tools created by The North Face® for those who want to pursue the Explore Mode.

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