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Sun Living called on Pubblimarket2 to handle global communication

Sun Living, a Slovenian brand which is part of the Adria Mobil colossus, is the leading European manufacturer of vans, caravans and motor homes since 1965. Sun Living called on Pubblimarket2 to handle global communication for its relaunch operation.

Pubblimarket2 first defined the brand’s new positioning. Today, Sun Living addresses the international market with an innovative range of recreational vehicles designed for the so-called “connected generation”.

This was followed by a strategic communication plan devised to engage with the identified target and convey the new brand identity to best effect. The first step was to create a storytelling based on the new slogan, #explorenewspaces, which expresses Sun Living’s invitation to explore new places while always staying connected and sharing one’s experiences.
Based on this new slogan, Pubblimarket2 organised, managed and coordinated filming for a corporate video, which will be officially launched in August at the 2017 Caravan Salon exhibition in Düsseldorf. To support the brand’s participation at the event, Pubblimarket2 was asked to design an interactive stand where guests can explore the range of Sun Living vehicles.
The agency also drew up and created a list of B2B and B2C communication tools. For B2B, this mainly concerned the creation of a product catalogue, an eco-leaflet, PoP materials and a clothing collection for distributors and dealers. For consumers, Pubblimarket2 developed an international corporate and product campaign, the latter in three different versions for the three product lines (Van, Semi-integrated, Alcoven).
Lastly, all the content concerning values, vision and products were featured in the 2018 magalogue, for which Pubblimarket2 used a narrative that, like an on-the-road journey of discovery, explores the new Sun Living world.
The agency was also very involved in developing digital instruments, including the graphics for the website, online in August, and web banners designed in versions for all target countries.

The global communication plan for the Sun Living brand was completed with Blu Wom’s brief regarding social media management activities. Pubblimarket2’s specialist PR division had the task of defining an international strategy covering the social networks where Sun Living has a presence. Blu Wom created an editorial and content plan, monitored results and communication flows and managed the advertising campaigns.

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