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Pubblimarket2 works alongside The North Face® on its new openings and activation programs

Strategic communications and marketing agency Pubblimarket2 has been chosen once again by The North Face® to support its special projects in the EMEA regions. Pubblimarket2 was entrusted with the creation in the second half of the year of the communication tools to support new store openings and activation programs.

In line with the creative concept for the Fall/Winter 2014 campaign, Pubblimarket2 handled the creation of several communication tools, both for the activation programs for retail outlets in the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy, and for the new store openings in Florence, Madrid and Glasgow. 
For both these activities, the tools created are online and mailing campaigns, free-press campaigns, vouchers, and static and rotating posters on public transport in the cities involved in the initiative.

“We are very proud to be partners to The North Face®, an international company that we have been working with for over 10 years,” comments Francesco Sacco, Chairman of Pubblimarket2. He continues, “working on these projects helps us to grow and develop, as it enables us to expand our skills base and offer a consistently well-targeted service, differentiated to suit the needs of each country involved.”



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