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Pubblimarket2 wins 2 Special Star awards at Mediastars and one nomination with the project for positioning of the brand developed for Campagnolo.

Pubblimarket2 played a leading role at the 19th Mediastars, the technical advertising awards. Thanks to the project for positioning of the brand developed for CMP, outdoor clothing brand of the Fratelli Campagnolo group, Pubblimarket2 won the Special Star technical awards for creative direction of the corporate identity section and for the copy of the audiovisual technical section, beating around 90 competitors, as well as a short list nomination for strategy in the corporate identity section.

The campaign entitled “Real people. Real products. True stories” was created with the aim of narrating the stories of real people who, for work or pleasure, live with passion life in the open air, the place of preference for CMP products which embody genuine and concrete values intended to last in time, the same which inspire the company and those who are part of it. A fisherman, mountain guide, farm worker, distiller of essential oils and the manager of a mountain refuge are some of the lead players of the video in which they themselves tell their own stories, made up of difficulties and successes, commitment and work. A set of contents which involves consumers emotionally and empathically and introduces them to the typical outdoor lifestyle of CMP. The cross-media campaign was developed on the Web, social networks, in the press, at trade shows and in communication tools for the retail outlets.

The project stood out from the viewpoint of the strategy which, via the storytelling, enabled communication of the values of the brand with extreme creativity. Technical judging by the Mediastars jury rewarded the authenticity of the lead players associated with the brand and the awards given to Pubblimarket2 are confirmation that the creative idea implemented fully represented the specific wishes of the CMP brand for original communication.

The team from Pubblimarket2 who handled the CMP project was coordinated by the president Francesco Sacco, with support from the creative director Alberto di Donna and copywriter Paolo Lacchini.

I welcomed with enthusiasm the request from the company to interpret its identity through the stories of real people who have something profound to tell and who perfectly embody the brand values. Through the language of storytelling we succeeded in putting over the passion and the intensity which characterise each of these stories, bringing out the emotions of the lead players and at the same time those of the viewers”, claimed Alberto Di Donna, creative director of Pubblimarket2.
That of Real People is an original and exciting project which allows real people to tell their stories without filters. In three minutes it is possible to narrate and leave an authentic, rich and non-trivial message. We simply collated it”, concluded Paolo Lacchini, copywriter with Pubblimarket2.



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