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Pubblimarket2 triples its creativity for TCX.

Pubblimarket2 has been tasked with studying the launch of three new TCX products: Rt Race Pro Air, Hero and Clima Gore-Tex Surround®
Each of the product campaigns has a different strategy, different content and creative line. 
The first presents the new spearhead of the racing line; a concentration of technicality characterized by a design with an aggressive look "created by drivers for drivers". The campaign created for Hero focuses on the vintage soul, a timeless style and versatile use in and out of town. The GORE-TEX SURROUND® technology is the communication’s distinctive mark for the Clima Surround model - the new boots of the touring line. The technology, which has been used for the first time in the sector, offers well-being at all temperatures, therefore it is symbolically illustrated by a scale that goes from the coldest to the hottest. 
The three campaigns edited by Pubblimarket2 will be released on the main international specialized magazines.

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