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Pubblimarket2 tells the story of Illiria. A story of men and machines.

What lies behind a vending machine? The simple act of choosing a product and having it in your hands within seconds belies the constant and complex work going on behind the scenes.

Pubblimarket2 reveals all in a video dedicated to Illiria, one of the biggest Italian companies in the sector. A journey that starts from the control room, where tens of thousands of machines are monitored in real time, right through to careful maintenance, the choice of quality products and restocking of the machines. Technology and innovation are at the forefront, but the mix also includes social responsibility, sustainability, the ability to foresee customer requirements, all the while promoting a healthy lifestyle. In a word, that ability to “take the long view”, summed up in the strapline at the end of the video.

Pubblimarket2 first developed the concept then managed and coordinated all aspects of production. This complex project took four days to shoot, with a crew of nine, twelve vehicles, and the presence on set of over fifty Illiria staff, as well, of course, of the true stars: the vending machines themselves. 

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