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Pubblimarket2 tasked by The North Face®
to manage the communication tools in the EMEA area

After an 18-year-long collaboration, the agency from Udine has again been signed on by the outdoor techwear giant for its 2019/20 activities.

The North Face®, a leading multinational in the outdoor technical clothing, equipment and footwear sector has once again assigned the management of its communication materials for the EMEA area for the two-year period spanning over 2019/20 to Pubblimarket2. This renewal by The North Face® is part of a solid, continuous collaboration that has been on-going for the past 18 years, and over the course of which Pubblimarket2 has been able to prove not only its strong international vocation, but also its consolidated know-how in the sports sector.

“Being able to boast such long-lived professional collaborations is a source of great pride for us. - says Francesco Sacco, President of Pubblimarket2 - All these years of trust placed in us by a brand like The North Face® proves our ability to offer a constant quality, on-time and professional service, focused on the project goals and on customer satisfaction. After almost two decades of collaboration, we know the company and its products through and through, and this allows us to be independent and extremely efficient in managing service and creative projects. "

Among the activities included in the renewed assignment with The North Face®, besides managing the communication tools for the three different EMEA macro-geographical areas online and offline, is the coordination of special annual projects, such as The Explorer Magazine. This digital magazine is dedicated to the players of the European distribution chain, designed and developed entirely by Pubblimarket2 and launched for the first time in 2016. Now at its twelfth edition, three new releases of the magazine are expected for 2019 with many testimonials from The North Face® athletes, product descriptions, technical explanations, video content, information on sales strategies, media campaigns, current PR activities and much, much more.

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