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Pubblimarket2 takes care of communications for Area98

The Pubblimarket2 agency will be working with Italian eyewear manufacturer Area98 beginning in February 2021. Under the partnership, the agency will provide strategic and creative support in worldwide corporate and product communications for all of the manufacturer's 7 brands.

Area98, an Italian company with 20 years’ experience working in eyewear, has chosen Pubblimarket2 as its agency for all B2B and B2C communications worldwide for its 7 brands: CocoSong, CCS, La Matta, Kaos, Super Kaos, Genesis, Oliviero Contini. This highly varied portfolio gives rise to collections characterised by use of innovative materials, precious details (feathers, flowers, stones, silk and gold) and references to art and to exotic cultures. A great variety of styles, for a highly varied clientèle.

The company required the services of an organised communications agency to help renew its image and make it more competitive on the market, while underlining Area98’s distinguishing features of creativity and innovation.

Work is due to begin in February 2021 and will regard both corporate and product communications. This challenging task will see the agency provide strategic and creative consulting services – creating corporate communications, coordinated image and advertising campaigns – and production of POP communication materials supporting sell-in (catalogues, brochures) and sell-out (leaflets, merchandising) for industry trade fairs as well as product videos. All in accordance with each brand’s positioning on the eyewear market.

“Same origins, same international vocation. An aspect we share, and which immediately established a bond between our team and the people from Area98,” comments Pubblimarket2 CEO Giacomo Miranda. “We’re proud to work for a company with worldwide distribution that will allow us to venture into a sector we have already explored in the past and are eager to approach once again, drawing on the great expertise we have built over 35 years in the business.”



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