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Pubblimarket2 signs the new AKU advertising campaign

Focused on the theme of product traceability through a creativity that breaks the classic communication patterns of the outdoor sector.

“Do you eat farm-to-fork? Choose a shoe that tells you where it comes from” is the headline of the new advertising campaign by AKU, an Italian company specialised in the design and production of high quality trekking and outdoor footwear. Published from September in some of the national newspapers of the GEDI Group, the campaign is dedicated to the Mountain Inspired by AKU line and bears the hallmark of Pubblimarket2, an Udine agency specialised for more than 30 years in strategic marketing communication which has already been working alongside AKU since 2006.

The protagonists of the two ADV subjects developed by the creative team of Pubblimarket2 are the models for men and for women of the Mountain Inspired by AKU line, inspired - as the name suggests - by the world of the mountain, designed for outdoor activities but also for urban use. With this campaign AKU affirms, in fact, its presence in Italy in a particular segment within which, in recent years, it has been obtaining notable results, namely that of “urban outdoor, travel, and lifestyle”.

The advertising message is addressed, therefore, not only to great sportsmen, but to all lovers of the outdoor life, and brings to the fore one of the themes most felt by the well-known Italian manufacturing company: the commitment to guarantee maximum transparency with respect to the process of production and to the origins of its products. The line of AKU footwear which is the protagonist of the campaign is, in fact, entirely designed and made in Europe, with the use of locally sourced components that are 100% traceable.

“We were asked to produce something innovative and original, that could give a strong signal and, at the same time, break the classic patterns of communication of the outdoor sector, traditionally linked to inspirational and active images”, states Alberto Di Donna, Art Director of Pubblimarket2, “We are happy to have been able to meet this challenge, also in terms of creativity, whilst at the same time managing not to divert attention from the importance of the message linked to the product that we wanted to communicate. We thank AKU for the opportunity they have given us, and for the now over ten - year relationship of esteem and mutual trust we have had with them.”

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