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Pubblimarket2 presents HIKERS, the new AKU campaign with commentary from real people, enthusiasts of mountains and the open-air life

Pubblimarket2, strategic marketing communication agency, was once again chosen as strategic partner for its communication by AKU, Italian manufacturer specialised for over thirty years in the design and production of high-quality footwear for mountaineering. Pubblimarket2 supported AKU in identifying the strategy, creative concept and production of the new HIKERS campaign to be active throughout 2015.

The campaign aims at reaching out directly to the AKU target, i.e. all those who experience mountains and the outdoor world in an authentic way - HIKERS. Not just those who climb to the top or along the most difficult paths but also all those fond of life in the open air, both focused on the mountain world but not because engaged in the search for individual performance or challenge but instead on experiencing it as a place of mental and physical regeneration. This is also reflected in the choice of endorsers for the campaign, from the pictures by Andrea Enzio and Ingo Irsara, respectively Valsesia mountain guide and national mountain guide instructor from Val Badia, endorsing a technical product for the more expert mountaineering classes, to the portraits of ordinary people, sportspeople, involved in and enthusiasts of hiking and outdoor activities, “friends of AKU” and lead players in stories covered in greater depth and built up over time and who find themselves on the AKU website and the company’s social network pages. 

“With the new Hikers campaign we wanted to bring out the close link between the AKU product, the result of the craft expertise of Italian manufacturing, and the passion for the outdoor life, intended to last over the years, through the portraits of real people”
, claimed Francesco Sacco, president of Pubblimarket2, who went on to say “our work with AKU began in 2007 and throughout these years we have witnessed their growth and efforts towards a healthy passion for outdoors”. For this reason we wanted the endorsers of the campaign to be people in close contact with AKU and who work with it on a number of schemes organised to safeguard the mountain environment”.



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