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Pubblimarket2 manages the launch of Coopca’s new own-label milk

Strategic and creative coordination to support Coopca’s first own-label product

Coopca gave Pubblimarket2 the job of launching Latte Coopca, the first own-label product from this long-established retailer based in the Carnia area of Italy. Coopca first opened more than 100 years ago and now has a total of 40 supermarkets and hypermarkets across the Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto regions.

Pubblimarket2 based its creative concept on a communication route which guided customers from the store’s exterior to the dairy section of the chilled foods aisles. Several mediums were used “en route” to convey the milk’s wholesomeness, freshness and local production and consolidate Coopca’s long-standing values: tradition, local origin and quality.

The launch was announced in advance with a special-offer leaflet delivered door-to-door within the catchment area. It also involved targeted ancillary actions and specific PoP kits were devised according to each store’s retail area and customer traffic.

Each of the 40 Coopca stores received a basic PoP kit consisting of an entrance presentation and gondola posters and price-card talkers. An additional kit was made for 20 selected retail outlets; this included ceiling-hung posters, window stickers, floor decals and trolley posters.

A promo tour has been organised to attract further attention to the launch, including a dedicated installation and a surprise fresh gift for all customers in Coopca’s six leading hyper- and supermarkets. The tour will start with the Coopca hypermarkets in Amaro and Gemona (both in the province of Udine) and end in September in the province of Vicenza.  

In addition to planning and developing the launch, Pubblimarket2 also coordinated the creative and operational aspects regarding all the material used to support the operation.



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