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Pubblimarket2 is tasked with the new Pharmera website

Pharmera, an Italian company active in the marketing of dietary supplements based in Udine, has tasked Pubblimarket2 with the strategic, technical and creative development of its new website. The portal, which came online a few days ago, is a reference point not only for consumers, but also for pharmacies and sector operators, thanks to a new private area specifically for professionals.

The project assigned to Pubblimarket2 involved a first phase of strategic consultancy, which was followed by the definition of a new structure, the creation of contents and finally the technical implementation of the site. The goal: to develop a portal with a consumer-oriented perspective, working on the accessibility of content, without neglecting its scientific origin.

Reorganised, simplified and divided by necessity, the Pharmera product range is now more intuitive and faster. The new cross-selling section, sales point search function and new customer support area all aim at helping to implement the portal’s user experience.

As far as the structure of the site is concerned, a reserved area has been added, through which professionals can gain access to information, communication and sales support materials. The platform, connected directly to the Pharmera management system, allows automatic data synchronisation and allows the company to receive updated notifications relating to click and download actions carried out by individual users within the area.

"The project with Pharmera has been a challenging one that has allowed us to work alongside a brilliant entrepreneurial business in our area." - says Giacomo Miranda, CEO of Pubblimarket2, who continues - "This partnership is further proof of our flexibility in effectively transposing and meeting the needs of the most diverse customers, both in terms of sector and size, with tailor-made projects."



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