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Pubblimarket2 for The North Face®: the new edition of Explorer Magazine is out 

Pubblimarket2 has produced the new edition of The Explorer Magazine by The North Face®, which is dedicated to the proprietary technologies, and otherwise, behind the products of the famous outdoor clothing brand. 

For this edition a choice was made of producing an interactive PDF with video content which makes for a particularly engaging usage.
The various sections of the magazine are dedicated to the layering system, footwear for trail running and hiking (with a special focus on the new Vectiv technology), backpacks for expeditions as well as travelling, and finally tents and sleeping bags. Along with a detailed presentation of products and technologies, the magazine has tips on “how to sell”, tables and comparative data, as well as a timeline recounting the brand’s history from 1969 until the present through a series of milestones.
In almost 100 pages, produced in 5 languages, this magazine represents the ideal tool for the sales force since it contains in a single place all the arguments that should be used during talks and meetings with customers. 

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