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Pubblimarket2 for BTT: announcing the launch of the ADV campaign for the recovery of precious metals

“All that glitters is gold!”. This is the mantra that BTT – an Italian specialist in the development of processes, machinery and custom-made systems for the recovery of precious metals – shall adopt to make its mark on its target market. 

It is more important than ever to think and act with responsibility as a company, to be able to create value from waste material and to become a virtuous part of the circular economy. 

BTT has therefore commissioned Pubblimarket2 to create an ADV campaign to get across to its current and potential customers – jewellers and manufacturers of jewellery and precious metals – its commitment and experience in the design and manufacture of small, medium and large systems, in standard or tailor-made format, that will perfectly meet the “recovery and recycling” needs of each customer.

The campaign visuals use the icon of an hourglass containing gold, an image that evokes the campaign core concepts: time is precious and cannot be wasted; the time has come, also in the precious metals sector, to act in order to reduce waste and extract new value. All you need to do is “invert the hourglass”, i.e. the paradigm, to understand that new resources can be obtained from material to be discarded.

The message is made crystal clear by the campaign headline: “Where the production cycle ends, new business begins”.
A clean, direct campaign that seeks to underline the savings and efficiency policies implemented by BTT and to position the company as a pre-eminent partner for all players in the jewellery sector.



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