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campagna invernale 2018 elan skis

Pubblimarket2 designs the Elan Skis 2018 winter campaign and the new interactive digital magazines

Pubblimarket2 designs the Elan Skis 2018 winter campaign. Elan Skis is a Slovenian company among the world's leading ski and sports equipment manufacturers. In addition to the product campaign, Pubblimarket2 has created two interactive digital magazines, one for the final consumer, which is also available in a printed version, and the other as a support for the sales force.

Elan Skis, a Slovenian company that is one of the world’s leading players in the production of skis and sports equipment has assigned its 2018 winter campaign to Pubblimarket2. The new FW 2018 multi-subject campaign, developed for the Amphibio, Race, Ripstick and Ibex series, highlights the vocation that has always characterized Elan Skis: innovation at the service of fun on skis, thanks to the identification of a common format in which the unique "always good times" positioning is highlighted both in the institutional message and in the product through images in which the protagonists transmit the pure pleasure of a day on skis.

Pubblimarket2 has also been involved in the development of two different interactive digital magazines: "Elan Magazine" and "Elan Sales Tool". The first, which is also available in a printed version and dedicated to the final consumer, includes news related to the brand, testimonies, sports experiences and, of course, in-depth details on new products; the second, on the other hand, is totally dedicated to the sales force and is intended to be a valid support to find corporate and in-depth information on products, from technologies to prices in a quick and easy way. Inside both magazines it is possible to view video content related to reviews and tests that are useful to make the reading experience even more engaging and exciting.

Our collaboration with Elan Skis is increasingly committed and full of challenges. In addition to having created a 2018 product campaign that lives up to the technical content, which characterizes Elan skis, this year we have once again focused our attention on the development of digital magazines where the interactive and innovative contents stand out. We believe they are an effective support for the sales force and engaging for the final consumer; a means that through quality content brings the brand closer to people. - states Francesco Sacco, President of Pubblimarket2.

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