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Pubblimarket2 creates a new coordinated image for Austrosaat

The Austrian company Austrosaat Samenzucht has been producing quality seeds for the cultivation of lawns, vegetables and fruit since 1973. Having called for tenders from numerous agencies around Europe, the company chose Pubblimarket2, which has thirty years' experience in strategic marketing communications, to handle the production of a new coordinated image for Austrosaat, the brand through which it markets its seed lines for the private sector.

The tender was for the restyling of the Austrosaat Garden Lawns line, the first project in the company's communication plan. Pursuing the objective defined by the company, to reposition the brand at the top of the seed market, Pubblimarket2 proposed a strategy, accompanied by creative guidelines that won the company over because they were both engaging and clearly understandable for target customers. The creativity offered by Pubblimarket2 for the new packaging was structured into the three different segments included in the line, (sporting, residential and custom), each distinguished by a reference colour, for a total of seven products. The new packaging, available in the shops from January 2016, is produced in 2-kg, 1-kg and 500-g versions.

We are deeply satisfied with the feedback received from the client, who appreciated the strategic approach we used to analyse their requests and formulate our proposal,” declares Francesco Sacco, Chair of Pubblimarket2. “The Garden Lawns line is the first step in a broader restyling project and over the coming months we will be working on a complete revamp of the brand image on the shelves.”



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