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Pubblimarket2 creates a campaign for Banca della Marca's “Conto Marca Senior”.

Pubblimarket2, already commissioned by Banca della Marca at the end of 2011 with the restyling of its logo, the coordinated management of its image, and its advertising campaigns, has launched the campaign for the “Conto Marca Senior” account, in line with the recent “Save Italia Decree” that makes it compulsory for pensioners to open a current account.

The goal of the campaign, carried by the leading local newspapers and flyers in the branches, is to convey the image of a modern bank that maintains its traditional values and is closely linked to the area and its needs, with a strong sense of social solidarity and an ongoing dialogue with the local community.

It is precisely commencing with these values that Pubblimarket2 has devised the advertising strategy aimed at all pensioners, conveying a clear and simple message summing up the goals and also the values that Banca della Marca has wished to preserve.



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