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Pubblimarket2: continuous double-digit growth and a new set-up


Pubblimarket2, the integrated marketing communications agency, closes the 2018 financial year with a 25% increase in its turnover, new recruitments and an increased customer portfolio. In addition to traditional and digital services, the growth has also been boosted by the activities of the public relations division, Blu Wom. 

After a double-digit growth in 2017, Pubblimarket2, an integrated marketing communications agency based in Udine and specialized in strategic consulting services, content marketing, trade marketing, web marketing, Public Relations and Social Media Marketing, closes 2018 with a turnover that is up by 25%.

Founded in Udine in 1986 as the Triveneto branch of Pubblimarket Milan, Pubblimarket2 now collaborates with over 36 companies, both Italian and foreign, belonging to some of the most diverse product sectors: from sports & leisure to design-furnishing, plant engineering, energy services, as well as food, beauty, tourism, automotive, fashion, events and personal services. Over 10 years of media collaboration between Pubblimarket2 and its customers, and some even as long as 18 years, like The North Face. Among the references are many prominent international names (with a foreign turnover of well over 50%), confirming the fact that, in today's communication world, what matters is not size and geographical location, but the ability to listen to the customer, professionalism, service and creativity.

"The benefits we are reaping are the result of a consolidated management model, which has earned us a specific positioning in the agency world, confirming that the path we have taken, based on strategy, content, creativity and innovation is the right one. Even more so in this day and age where it is crucial to have a holistic marketing vision, focusing on experience and always paying great attention to the quality of human relationships; a key ingredient in any relationship of trust", says Giacomo Miranda, CEO of Pubblimarket2.

In addition to the strategic consulting services, content marketing and trade marketing, Pubblimarket2’s internal PR division, Blu Wom gave a significant contribution to the positive results of 2018, thanks to its increased turnover that was up by 53% compared to last year. "The direction to follow is to continue along the path we have already taken; that is, to anticipate changes, to promptly respond to new customer needs and, above all, always invest in the growth and skills of the team", explains Giacomo Miranda. In fact, the general growth has also included the agency’s staff which today has 26 collaborators, 4 of whom were hired in 2018.

For the first half of 2019 the data are in line with the same period of the previous year and confirm the agency’s positive trend: there have already been 9 new acquisitions since January; among these are Cristoforetti Servizi Energia, IES Biogas, Roxa and Daytona. The creativity of Pubblimarket2 has also recently been chosen, following a tender for an international communication campaign by an important name in Italian furnishing, more details of which will be revealed in the coming months.

2018 also marks the first year of a completely new corporate structure design for Pubblimarket2, which, alongside the founding partners, Francesco Sacco and Alberto Di Donna, has seen the entry of Giacomo Miranda and Cristiana Feruglio from within the agency. More specifically, Miranda (born in 1981, a degree in Business Economics, a master's degree in Business Communication and over 13 years of experience in the sector, 10 of which within Pubblimarket2) acquired the controlling shares of the agency in Udine and the position of Chief Executive Officer, taking over from the thirty-year management of Francesco Sacco, one of the founding partners, as well as current president of the board of directors and strategic manager of the group.

"In a world of constant change, it is essential that both the management and the services offered are not only able to respond to but also anticipate market needs. I am confident that the road taken and our international approach are the most suitable to guarantee an indisputable quality of services to our customers and a sound and successful future to Pubblimarket2”. - comments the president, Francesco Sacco.



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