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Pubblimarket2 commissioned to reposition the CMP brand.

The new advertising materials will make their debut at ISPO 2013.

Strategic marketing communication agency Pubblimarket2 has been commissioned by historic Vicenza firm Fratelli Campagnolo, manufacturing sportswear since 1945, to reposition its CMP brand specialised in the production of outdoor wear. The commission involves the creation of the company’s press campaigns, sales support materials and POPs, and the outfitting of its exhibition stands, with the debut scheduled at the upcoming ISPO 2013 in Munich.

CMP, specialised in the production of sporty, dynamic garments, offers technical and practical clothes for sports and leisure wear. The brand focuses on personal wellbeing and the protection of the environment, for which purpose it also directly controls the entire production chain, from the sourcing of the yarns to the creation of the end product.  CMP also plays a pioneering role in the use of fleece fabric, an extremely versatile material that, thanks to ongoing investment in innovation and research, is used to make specific garments for outdoor wear, sportswear and skiwear.

The repositioning of the CMP brand in the outdoor sector calls for the creation of all the main advertising tools, from press campaigns to sales support materials and from the POPs to the outfitting of exhibition stands. CMP’s new Pubblimarket2 advertising materials, including the exhibition stand, will make their debut at the ISPO in Munich in February 2013.



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