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Pubblimarket2 celebrates its first 30 years in business, together with its collaborators and customers

Pubblimarket2 is one of the biggest strategic marketing communications agencies in the North-East of Italy. On Sunday 4 September it celebrated its 30th anniversary in the splendid setting of the Casa Rossa ai Colli (Ragogna, Udine, Italy), together with collaborators old and new, as well as customers and friends. A day of celebrations organized in the simple, informal style that has always been a trademark of Pubblimarket2, culminating in the traditional cake-cutting and toasts.

During the day, the President Francesco Sacco described the path that brought him to this point, managing an agency with some twenty employees and collaborators, which in 2015 recorded a turnover of 1.6 million euro, and net profits of 69 thousand euro.

After years of experience in the role of Marketing Director for major Italian companies, in 1986 I took up the challenge of the Milanese agency Pubblimarket, to open a communications agency in Udine, with the aim of creating a service that would provide a well-informed response to the real needs of the business world, in which my own professional development took place. We based our project on the importance of strategy and contents, and thanks to our ability to anticipate trends in analysing new targets and to choose the right communication tools, we were able to claim a front-row position in our sector,” declares Francesco Sacco, President of Pubblimarket2. "I am proud to have achieved 30 years in business, a milestone made possible by our workgroup of professionals with a wealth of specific skills and the ability to work together synergistically, and by careful resource management.

Pubblimarket2 took its first steps in 1986, at a time when the North-East was emerging as the "powerhouse of Italy", and in this context the company sought to give a clear response to this phenomenon that altered the course of country's economic history. In those years, the agency worked alongside brands including Lloyd Adriatico, Consorzio Speck Alto Adige, Invicta, Carnielli, Head, Diadora, Police, Benetton Sportsystem, and many others.
A story of constant growth, always built on a holistic and strategic approach, has brought the agency to the present day with a strongly international client portfolio – indeed, around 50% of its total turnover comes from abroad – and a young, dynamic team of professionals with even more specific and deeply-rooted competencies. A further step that bears witness to the far-sighted discernment of the path chosen by Francesco Sacco is the decision to establish Blue Wom back in 2008, a division specializing in public relations and press office activities, digital PR, social media management and event organization, thus completing and complementing the range of services already offered by Pubblimarket2.   

Paolo Lacchini and Alberto Di Donna, respectively Copywriter and Art Director of Pubblimarket2, recall: “Our debut was unforgettable. We created a campaign entitled ‘L’udinese non è da serie B’ [Udine does not belong in the second division], a play on words using sporting language to introduce ourselves locally, letting people know that a company had been established in Udine that could offer services with the same quality as our parent agency, Pubblimarket Milano. However, at that time, Udine's soccer team was relegated to the second division, and the morning after delivering our campaign to the local newspaper Messaggero Veneto, we found no trace of our work, only a blank page!”  

The versatility shown by Pubblimarket2 over the years has enabled it to compile an illustrious client list, which to date includes numerous international brands, such as The North Face, Fjallraven, Gruppo Elan, Team7, Himolla, as well as many companies from the North East of Italy, such as Gruppo Refrion (a young and dynamic Italian firm that is among the main European players in the ventilated equipment sector), coffee roasting company Oro Caffè, clothing brands Fratelli Campagnolo and CMP, Banca della Marca bank, motorcycle boot makers TCX, and many more.

The agency expects to close the 2016 in line with the trend of the previous year: in the first 8 months of 2016, turnover has matched 2015, and growth is forecast for the final quarter.



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