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Pubblimarket2 celebrates 30 years of success consolidated by its excellent financial results in 2015.

Pubblimarket2, one of the leading and best-known strategic marketing communication agencies of north-eastern Italy, celebrates 30 years of success. A major goal consolidated by its excellent financial results in 2015. The turnover of the group that Pubblimarket2 leads, which also includes the BluWom PR agency, stands at around €1.6 million, with after-tax profits of €69,000, even better than in 2014. A truly outstanding trend achieved through sustainable development and attentive resource management.

"After acquiring years of experience as a marketing director for leading Italian businesses, in 1986 I took up the challenge of opening a communications agency in Udine. My ambition was to provide a service which knowledgeably satisfied the real needs of the corporate sector, the world in which I acquired my professional skills. A business concept focused on the importance of strategy and content; this, together with our ability to be forerunners in exploring new targets and studying the appropriate communication media, placed us at the forefront of our market,” states Francesco Sacco, chairman of Pubblimarket2. "I am very proud of reaching our 30th anniversary. The credit for this outstanding result goes to our team of specifically-skilled professionals working in synergy and to our careful management of resources.

Pubblimarket2’s story began back in 1986 at a time when the north-east was considered the driving force of Italy.
A period in which a timely reaction was required to a phenomenon that left its mark on our country’s economic history. In those years, the agency worked with such brands as Lloyd Adriatico, Consorzio Speck Alto Adige, Invicta, Carnielli, Head, Diadora, Police, Benetton Sportsystem and many others. Always based on a strategic, holistic approach, the agency’s continuous-growth trajectory led it, in 2016, to a markedly international client portfolio (in fact the international market generates about 50% of overall revenues)  and a team of young, dynamic professionals with even more specific, profound skills.

Another step which testifies to the foresightedness of Francesco Sacco’s course was his decision, in 2007, to set up BluWom, a PR agency specialising in press office services, digital PR, social media management and event organisation. BluWom and Pubblimarket2 form the Gruppo Pubblimarket2 and complete the comprehensive range of services offered to clients.

The versatility which Pubblimarket2 has shown over the years has today resulted in a client portfolio which includes not only international brands such as The North Face, Royal Canin, Fjallraven, Gruppo Elan, Team7and Himolla but also many companies from north-eastern Italy, including Refrion, which is a young, dynamic Italian group and a European leader in the ventilated devices market; Oro Caffè coffee roasters; Fratelli Campagnolo and CMP clothing brands; Banca della Marca bank; TCX motorbike boot manufacturers; and many more.



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