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Pubblimarket2 and Isola dei Tesori are giving away a mega Christmas

Pubblimarket2 devises the promotion strategy and creative concept for the Isola dei Tesori Christmas prize competition.

Isola dei Tesori is an Italian chain of small pet stores belonging to the DMO group, with a total of 123 stores throughout the country. Following the recent success of the summer promotion, strategic marketing communications agency Pubblimarket2 has been invited back to conceive and develop the competition "Voglio un Natale esagerato" [I want a mega Christmas], to be held by Isola dei Tesori in partnership with Nestlé Purina.
After carrying out in-depth market analysis of previous promotion activities organized by Isola dei Tesori, Pubblimarket2 offered its client the benefit of its experience in the field of loyalty programmes, devising a competition with a simple and intuitive structure, designed to engage customers in a direct and immediate manner.
Taking part in the competition is quick and easy: for every purchase of at least 8€ of Nestlé Purina products, the different possibilities for winning are stated directly on the receipt. A generous range of prizes are on offer: over 1,000 instant win Nestlé Purina® products, weekly shopping vouchers worth 50€, and a final jackpot prize of 10,000€ in “Ticket compliments®” shopping vouchers to be spent when and where the winner chooses.
“The main objective of our new promotion is to increase competition participation and prize redemption,” explains Francesco Franzoso, spokesman for the marketing office at Isola dei Tesori. “By analysing the critical issues that emerged from previous competitions, we were able to cooperate proactively in the creative process to devise the mechanisms on which the competition is based. Thanks to the synergy created between Pubblimarket2 and our marketing office, we have developed a promotion that seems far more accurately targeted to achieve our objectives.”
In addition to taking care of the strategic development and the rules and mechanisms for taking part in the competition, Pubblimarket2 also handled the development of the creative concept, with the aim of engaging customers using an image with strong emotional impact. The main subject of the picture is a mountain of gifts in the form of a Christmas tree, making a clear reference to the quantity and generosity of the prizes to be won, and this message is further reinforced by the name of the competition, “Voglio un Natale esagerato” [I want a mega Christmas].
The agency from Udine also took care of the form given to the creative concept on all the support materials inside stores, such as information posters, totem displays, postcards, shelf stoppers, strips for trolleys and baskets. All the information about the competition can also be found in the “Isola dei Tesori” leaflets and on the website



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