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ORO Caffè gets a new look online, thanks to Pubblimarket2 and iVision-Made

Content management and creative coordination by Pubblimarket2

The ORO Caffè coffee roasting firm from Friuli specializes in the selection, roasting and blending of the best coffees. Its new website is now online. Featuring a responsive design and intuitive, simplified navigation, the new site is an integral part of the development process undertaken by the firm in recent years.

ORO Caffè entrusted the development and production of the project to Pubblimarket2 and iVision-Made.
Pubblimarket2 specializes in strategic marketing communications, and has previously worked on the general development of communications for ORO Caffè, managing content and creative coordination, while iVision-Made, which specializes in digital communication and innovative technologies, took care of the design and graphic aspects of the new site.

“The decision to revamp arose from the desire to present a fresher, more dynamic image online, to match the current reality of the firm,” explains Chiara De Nipoti, Chair of the board of directors at ORO Caffè. “Our main objective is undoubtedly to ensure an equally excellent quality of service online for our clientele, which chiefly comprises restaurants and bars; at the same time, we hope this new, cutting-edge tool will help us create a more direct link with coffee-lovers everywhere, so that they can get to know us a little better through the contents, which tell you all about us and the way we work.”

From a technological point of view, the major innovation on the website is the use of the parallax application, a special scrolling technique that creates an animated effect on the page. Looking at the ORO Caffè “path of quality” section, you can jump right into the narration that explains step by step how the firm carefully selects its beans, processes them and creates its coffee, right through to the espresso in your cup. “With the introduction of this special animation we wanted to draw our visitors into the interactive story, showing them what really sets our product apart, and the fundamental rules underlying an excellent coffee,” comments Elisa Toppano, export and marketing manager at ORO Caffè.

In terms of content, the new site subdivides information into five broad areas: the company, coffee culture, ORO Caffè products, Coffee Lover’s Club, news & events. The fifth section is particularly interesting, as it contains all the latest information on the many initiatives involving the firm, and on media attention for its many activities. Those interested can also subscribe to a newsletter service, which will keep them constantly abreast of all the firm's news, current promotions, advice on how to make excellent coffee, interesting facts and figures, and much more besides.



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