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New Elan Skis winter campaign by Pubblimarket2

The new global campaign for the Slovenian company Elan Skis, a key world player in the production of skis and sports equipment, is the creation of Pubblimarket2. The agency specializes in strategic marketing communications and has consolidated expertise in the sports sector, as well as a strong and long-standing international vocation. Having accepted the job of creating and developing all the communication materials for the Slovenian brand, it now launches the multi-subject FW 2015 campaign, which, in addition to featuring top-of-the-range products in the Race, Big Mountain and Women Studio series, will also help launch the innovative All Mountain model: Amphibio 4D.

With the aim of highlighting Elan Skis' innovative nature in each item, Pubblimarket2 conceived a multi-subject campaign sharing a common format, in which both the visuals and the headlines highlight the strengths, advantages and technology of the ski being illustrated, with a specific creative concept for each different target.
“Elan Skis' business has always been driven by its strong instinct for innovation, and it strives constantly to develop revolutionary products that are both functional and well-designed. Thanks to this characteristic Elan can boast numerous international awards,” comments Francesco Sacco, chairman of Pubblimarket2. “For the development of this campaign we wanted to emphasise Elan's capacity for innovation, using communications with a strong technical content.”

Pubblimarket2 was the agency responsible for producing the campaign, all the materials supporting sell-in and those designed for stores and consumers.



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