Designer furniture

Three chairs around a table: the most immediate, synthetic way of representing the concept of meeting, of getting together. A logo and a name that speak the language of this young brand in the Calligaris Group, with its collections featuring simple but functional and versatile lines, use of colour to convey vitality, and objects of design (chairs, tables, bookcases, sideboards and accessories) in harmony with the contemporary world, for curious people who are open to change. A philosophy and values that have brought life to the new concept of #connubity, now an essential key to the brand’s identity. It’s nice to think of Connubia as a community of people who share the same passion and awareness of innovative design and the new trends in living.  


Designer furniture


Strategic Communications
Trade Marketing

Manifesto video

The brand’s new identity gives life to a dynamic video illustrating how Connubia’s designs have evolved. Through a series of stories, the video represents the ideas and values that have inspired the project and ends with an invitation to join the fresh, young Connubity: the brand community. The video opened the Connubia Digital Sales Meeting and may be viewed on the brand's website.

Digital Sales Meeting

2020 marks the launch of the new Connubia. The presentation, initially planned for Il Salone del Mobile, the furniture trade fair in Milan, was instead managed through organisation and coordination of a digital event for the brand’s agents and customers worldwide. The digital sales meeting was organised taking advantage of the opportunities and benefits offered by digital tools. This permitted innovative presentation of the new brand to distributors, agents and partners, defining new ways of interacting, creating specific supporting content and maintaining relations with the trade despite the complexities of the current emergency situation.

Product videos

Colourful backdrops, still life shots, a human presence, original music and a driving rhythm create a format with a bold personality featuring products from the big families in the new world of Connubia. Chairs, tables and designer items all featuring contemporary style, an openness to innovation, colour and practicality are featured in these five videos, first shown at the Digital Sales Meeting.

Social media videos

The social media represent Connubia’s primary channel for communicating with its target. The company has made a series of more than 20 videos with a duration of 20" each, lots of daily mini-stories using plenty of colour, a fresh look and attractive, youthful graphics to present the company’s products one by one, with a common vocabulary identifying all the materials prepared for the brand. 

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Video & Shooting Production 

Pubblimarket 2 managed production of all video material for presentation of the new collections to agents and customers at the Connubia Digital Sales Meeting. From five product videos, filming both the objects themselves and the designers who created them in the studio, to discussion by the many people involved, from the CEO to the sales manager, product manager and social media manager. The final project involved two production houses, requiring five working days and several versions for users in different countries.

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