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As innovators of vending machines, Illiria is able to understand, anticipate and satisfy customer needs. For over 40 years, the Illiria Group has been able to look beyond, as suggested by the claim chosen for the corporate communication. It does this by making its staff and widespread organization available for millions of well-deserved breaks. Illiria keeps a vigilant eye on the situation, as suggested by the man looking at the world beneath from a hot air balloon.


In the midst of the Coronavirus emergency, Illiria dedicated a whole page of a daily newspaper to the technicians and supply clerks. The campaign studied by Pubblimarket2 is a thank you addressed to the 324 Illiria men on the front line, committed to ensuring the continuity of the service. Through the newspapers, Illiria offered its customers a coffee to “download” through the Coven App too. At a time when people are invited to respect distances by moving away from each other, the campaign wants to reiterate the Group’s closeness to all its customers.

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