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Starting from the creative concept, Pubblimarket2 took care of every detail in organising the event entitled ‘10 years of wonders' to celebrate the centre’s first decade of activity.
The thread of the event was the story of Alice in Wonderland. The streets of the outlet were transformed to make room for themed sets, juggling shows and entertainment of all kinds to involve adults and children in a truly unique shopping experience.
The schedule of events included alternating performances by internationally renowned street artists, who played the parts of the main characters of the story in the main square that was renamed the Square of Wonders and that was set up with a scenic backdrop.
The highlight of the day was the blowing of 10 candles on just as many giant cakes in the form of playing cards and the cutting and distribution of over 1,200 slices of cake.
Pubblimarket2 took care of selecting the artists, defining the stage costumes, set design and setting up, coordinating the suppliers, defining the makeup of actors and extras and putting together the soundtrack for the entire day.


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