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“Feed your Passion”, Pubblimarket2’s new campaign for Northwave.

Northwave tasks Pubblimarket2 with the creation and launch of the new international “Feed your Passion” campaign.

Pubblimarket2, a holistic marketing agency specialising in the conception and diffusion of communication for sports brands, has been commissioned by Northwave, a market leader in the cycling world, to devise and coordinate its new international advertising campaign.

The innovative trend that has always characterised Northwave’s advertising is also a feature of the new campaign. Indeed, Pubblimarket2 has devised a creative message expressed by decontextualising Northwave products and presenting them together with Italian culinary icons, always promoting their extreme technical character, sophistication and innovation.

The multi-subject campaign puts Northwave products “on the table” with pasta, pizza and espresso, typically recognised abroad as distinctive Italian hallmarks. The “Feed your Passion” slogan expresses the mainstay of a message that associates the need to eat with the need to feed one’s passion with excellent products of the Italian manufacturing tradition.

The campaign has been online in Italy, France, Germany, the UK, Poland and Belgium since March and in the leading specialist magazines in the rest of Europe.



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