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Digital strategy to support the launch of “CONTO MARCA LIKE”

Pubblimarket2 signs the launch of the new online product from Banca Della Marca.

Pubblimarket2, strategic marketing communications agency, was entrusted with the creation and development of the launch strategy for “Conto Marca Like”, the new online product from Banca della Marca, designed for digital services users who wish or need to manage their financial operations autonomously and instantly online.
This completely new product is designed for cutting-edge customers who prefer online services, so Pubblimarket2 focused on developing a digital strategy: starting with the name, which uses the word “Like” to evoke the now-widespread internet terminology, right through to the launch campaign, conceived and created exclusively for the web.
Display advertising, Google AdWords and remarketing activities are the tools conceived and created by Pubblimarket2. With a simple click of the mouse, they take the user to the landing page, especially devised and developed by the agency to provide useful information and offer instant access to the special portal where customers can open an online current account.
For the creative production of all the tools to support the initiative, customization of the portal, landing page and website banner, Pubblimarket2 adhered to Banca della Marca's corporate image, developing a fresh, young style to suit the type of customers targeted.
What the TradeOn platform ( specifically does is to optimize the processes of communication, engagement and training of the sales force. TradeOn enables the user to interact and converse with the distribution channel on a daily basis, as well and managing and diffusing learning resources, facilitating the circulation of knowledge and training in ways that are both innovative and immediately accessible. Data, documentation and all the information needed by the distribution channel are brought together in a single tool - catalogues, sales pitch, price lists, promotions, news, materials for customers or detailed product sheets - making them easily accessible on computer, smartphone or tablet. TradeOn also guarantees immediate conveyance of specific communications or company updates, using theme-based chat rooms.
Furthermore, Pubblimarket2 has also developed the Etrade application, available on AppStore, which gives access to dedicated tools for sales force consultation, enhanced and supplemented with multimedia contents that can also be used offline and on the road, thus taking advantage of all the different possibilities offered by these new devices.
“We have always had a special regard for trade, as we consider it to be the prime critical factor for success,” explains Francesco Sacco, CEO of Pubblimarket2. “We believe that in the current working scenario, in which rapid, interactive access to information is increasingly essential, the new technologies and 3.0 channels can facilitate and increase the engagement of a company's distribution channel, using direct and continuing interaction, and improving the way content is conveyed, in order to develop business”.



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