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Dayli decides to work with Pubblimarket2

The new player, which took over Schlecker in August, has chosen Pubblimarket2

Pubblimarket2, the strategic marketing communication agency, is handling the launch campaign for Dayli, the new international player in the grocery sector which has, since August, taken over the Schlecker brand and its leading chain of drugstores.

Dayli’s prime objective is to maintain the positioning acquired to date by Schlecker as a local store, adding further innovative services, in line with new customer needs and requirements.
In addition, during 2013, Dayli’s objective is to increase the size of the current sales network by extending coverage to new areas of Italy.

The store signs of around 300 Italian points of sale are currently being replaced and, to communicate the change, Dayli has enlisted the services of Pubblimarket2, the strategic marketing communication agency.

The assignment involves creating and putting together the advertising campaign and POP materials to support sales, with the main objective of presenting the new brand to the Italian market, informing and reassuring customers on the continuing and renewed commercial offering.   

With the headline “Welcome to Dayli. Welcome back to your store” and the payoff “Schlecker becomes Dayli. See you in the usual place”, Pubblimarket2 emphasizes the continuity of Schlecker’s commercial activity, while the body copy “Dayli is amazing right from day one” is combined with the “Below cost” promotion designed to attract more customers into the point of sale.

The ADV campaign will be published in the main Triveneto daily press from 21 November, while the commercial operation will start on 22 November 2012.

“Our successful and satisfying work alongside the Schlecker brand over the past three years has made it possible to confirm our continuing collaboration as agency for the new Dayli brand” says Franceso Sacco, President of Pubblimarket2, who goes on to say “this confirmation of confidence by the new management bears witness to our professionalism and once more emphasizes the international flair that has, in recent years, enabled us to become the right Italian strategic partner for important foreign multinationals”.



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