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Conto+Donna. Pubblimarket2 produces a campaign for a spectacular account.

Pubblimarket2 continues its partnership with Banca della Marca with a campaign for the "Conto+Donna" account.
The account, devised exclusively to satisfy the needs of a female public and free for the first two years, rewards new clients and all those who present one with free cinema season tickets and special rates for Mondadori magazine subscriptions and swimming pool season tickets, thus also involving a male clientele.

Despite targeting a different group in respect to the previous current account, destined for pensioners, Banca della Marca has maintained its principal values as a modern bank with close links to the local area and a constant dialogue with the community.
The Conto+Donna campaign, conducted with flyers and posters in the branches, is supported by advertisements in local newspapers and infomercials screened by cinemas in the province of Treviso.

Pubblimarket2 has tailored the communication strategy to the creative nature of the campaign, highlighting the key features, and has planned its delivery by pinpointing the media best suited to the target.



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