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“Compro, vinco e stravinco 2 - La Ri-Vincita”: Schlecker competition, Pubblimarket2 strategy

Schlecker achieved excellent results and Pubblimarket2 was once again commissioned to organise the competition.

For the second year running, Pubblimarket2 has designed and organised the “Compro, vinco e stravinco 2 - La Ri-Vincita” promotional campaign for Schlecker, the largest European player in the grocery sector, which vaunts thousands of stores in Europe, with approximately 300 in Italy.

The new strategy used for the competition and the supporting promotional campaign has ensured that the results of the 2011 operation are truly satisfying,with over 34,500 players involved, a 110% increase over the previous year, and a total of 1,365 prize-winning clients, almost twice as many as the first edition.

Pubblimarket2 is already working on the third edition of the competition, scheduled for October 2012, which will maintain the name “Compro, vincoestravinco” but will have several new features in respect to the previous two editions.
Schlecker and Pubblimarket2 continue their working relationship, strengthening a partnership that has brought positive tangible results from the market and improved the company’s performance thanks to a winning strategy and a prompt service that has gratified Schlecker as a client during this time of economic recession.

The 2011 “Compro, vinco e stravinco 2 - La Ri-Vincita” competitionawarded Instant Win prizes, consisting of €10, €20 and €50 shopping vouchers, and over the next few days the three lucky winners of the final top prizes, resident in the provinces of Trieste, Pordenone and Milan, will depart respectively for a Caribbean cruise, a trip to Istanbul and a wellness weekend in Tuscany.



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