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A brand that was curiously designed half a century ago on a beach in San Francisco and now synonymous with large outdoor businesses in every remote and unspoilt corner, starting from the repeated challenges on the peaks of the Himalayas. First choice of the best athletes in the world: climbers, mountaineers, extreme skiers, snowboarders, endurance runners or explorers. For them, always striving to challenge themselves and exceed their abilities, that "Never Stop Exploring" seems almost coined, almost a mantra that has always accompanied the communication of The North Face For us, the twenty-year collaboration is a source of pride with a legendary name in sportswear: never stop working hard is our motto.


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FUTURELIGHT is the exclusive technology that gives life to the most advanced material for outdoor technical fabrics and on which the most significant portion of the brand’s investments in communication is concentrated. Thanks to an innovative Nanospinning process, the membrane has unprecedented air permeability, exceptional porosity, advanced impermeability, unparalleled transpiration, as well as superior softness and guaranteed resistance. Pubblimarket2 coordinated the cross-media operation creating traditional communication tools, videos and animations for social media, and the whole digital project.


Intended for the actors of the European distribution chain and a project that now has reached its fourteenth issue, The Explorer Magazine is managed by Pubblimarket2 from the idea to the online launch. The Explorer Magazine is rich in multimedia and interactive content that makes the use engaging and, with a detailed presentation of products and technologies, gives space to storytelling thanks to the contributions of the athletes, as well as providing “how to sell” advices for the salesforce, tables, comparative data and much more.


"She Moves Mountains" is the first female campaign of The North Face®. The goal is to celebrate those who break the mould and open the way to change. Pubblimarket2 took care of the creative adaptation of the campaign for all the European planning, characterized by both digital and static billboards.


The operation, reserved for the European market, started with the search for a name for the new line and the different segments, then developed with the study of creativity for all the tools envisaged for launching, such as offline and online campaigns, material for points of sale and projects reserved for dealers in the countries involved.

esempio campagna internazionale multi-soggetto scarpe con tecnologia CradleTM di The North Face
campagna in verticale delle scarpe con tecnologia CradleTM di The North Face, progetto Pubblimarket2
campagna delle scarpe da neve con tecnologia CradleTM di The North Face, progetto Pubblimarket2
stand The North Face, progetto Pubblimarket2: espositore borsoni a forma di borsone Base Camp Duffel
stand per The North Face, progetto Pubblimarket2: abbigliamento sportivo d’alta montagna
stand per The North Face, progetto Pubblimarket2: espositori per abbigliamento e accessori
stand per The North Face, progetto Pubblimarket2: espositore borsone best seller Base Camp Duffel
immagine d’insieme di uno stand per The North Face, progetto Pubblimarket2


Pubblimarket2 has overseen the design and coordination of different set-ups and The North Face stands dedicated to product launches, such as the footwear line, and special projects, for example the celebration of the Duffel Bag, on one of the most important trade-shows of the sector.


The contents of stories by Hervè Barmasse and Fernanda Maciel, The North Face athletes, have been used to extrapolate the key words that have made it possible to transform some of their experiences into graphics and illustrations, leading them to the Base Camp Duffel travel bag.

racconto in forma di infografica sulla borsa da viaggio Base Camp Duffel dell’atleta Hervè Barmasse
racconto in forma di infografica sulla borsa da viaggio Base Camp Duffel dell’atleta Fernanda Maciel


"Great outdoors is just outside your door" is the cross-media operation carried out in partnership with Intersport, which involved over 250 stores in Germany. The operation, aimed at increasing awareness and traffic in the stores, envisaged the creation of two competitions, the first on the outdoor theme, the second aimed at the snow sports enthusiasts target.

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