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For twenty years, TCX boots have been synonymous with innovative solutions in terms of safety and comfort, without forgetting performance, cutting-edge technology, research into new materials and attention to design. Safety is in TCX’s DNA and is the strong point of every model: racing, off-road, touring, 24/7 and vintage, including boots that are specifically designed for the female user. All boots are certified according to the EN standard and TCX was the first manufacturer in the world to achieve CE certification, passing the strictest resistance tests. The passion, the commitment, the obsessive research for the best by racers who work in close contact with the company throughout every stage of creating a product: from developing a model to implementing new protection systems, and then testing the product during major sporting events and under the most extreme conditions.


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Focus on boots is TCX’s claim. Pubblimarket2 has been creating campaigns for the various lines for years, from racing to off-road, vintage and 24/7, always focusing on the technical characteristics and without ever forgetting safety and protection that are the company’s added values, along with passion, technology and innovation.


As trade is the main recipient, the catalogue is full of technical information. It illustrates all the product categories and describes the models of the various collections in detail, transferring all the care and attention of TCX in making them unique and different from their competitors, appreciated by those who take their bikes to heart, whether they are experienced champions or simply enthusiasts.


To launch of the new Off-Road product by TCX, the result of a renewed collaboration with Michelin and used by several world motocross champions, a mini site has been created to emphasize the technical characteristics of the boot, that stands out also thanks to the different colour variations offered.


The video made for the launch of the Urbanner model during the EICMA fair in Milan, highlights the characteristics of motorcycle footwear, designed for urban use and not only, emphasizing the strong points of the model: design, comfort and protection. The video shoot follows a young biker who moves swiftly through the city, from the workplace to places of relaxation, to then zoom in on all the technical details that make the difference.


Pubblimarket2 joined TCX in the implementation of their stand at the Milan Cycle and Motorcycle Show (Salone del Ciclo e Motociclo), taking care of all the communication side. The corners dedicated to the various segments and the minimal layout of all the spaces emphasized the product highlights and reference targets.


Pubblimarket2 has also been assigned the creative packaging design, both for some lines of boots and for the line of Motorcycle Functional underwear. In this case, the packaging is designed as a drawer box that is pulled open to reveal what is inside and colours are used to identify the different conditions of use, while a series of symbols/icons immediately highlights the technical features of the garment


We define the communication strategy to be applied to the various social networks and we create an editorial plan divided by theme, such as product, corporate and lifestyle, continuously shared with the contents added by the riders themselves and by enthusiastic users of products from the TCX collections. We deal with the activity of social care by promptly responding to messages and comments received from users.


For the most important fairs in the sector, we create corporate and product content for the Press kit to be given to journalists. We take care to report values, news, technologies and strengths of the company in accurate, catchy and complete texts.

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