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A young company among the most prestigious players in the field of industrial air conditioning and ventilating appliances for industrial use. Innovation is in its DNA, "A better innovation" is the signature. In just fifteen years of activity, the company has already fielded many technological innovations that have conquered the market. The rapid rise with double-digit percentages is also based on the values underlined by communication: reliability, service and green sensitivity that inspires the research and development sector. In addition, the willingness to make heavy investments, which is unusual for companies of this size. So many reasons for which it has gained the trust of more and more technicians and engineers the world over.




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The multi-subject campaign designed by Pubblimarket2 is aimed in an original way at the target of decision makers such as engineers and designers. Playing with the Refrion logo the campaign invites them to rethink, review, re-check, reflect on their choices and naturally favors the innovative products and services offered by Refrion.


Created specifically for the Chillventa trade show with the aim of repositioning the brand image in the eyes of the operators, through images that have a strong visual impact and a concrete and effective communication style, and are accurate as far as the technical part is concerned. The 4'30"-long video, originally created in a special format for the videowall at the Fair, was then adapted for viewing on the web.


Oval Tube Video

The purpose of the video is to demonstrate, through technical values measured with specific tests, the exceptional performance of Refrion's Oval Tube technology. For the video, Pubblimarket2 has chosen a highly impactful animation and the work of a team, coordinated at each stage, which has involved different professionals. The final result intrigued and interested the operators in the sector who were able to preview it at Chillventa.


Pubblimarket2 restyling of all documentation is an integral part of the consolidation of the positioning of the Refrion Group. The complete reorganization of the documentation goes through more in-depth tools in the technical and marketing contents, more emotional images, more examples of plant building in the world to highlight the strengths of each individual offer.

computer con home page del nuovo sito Refrion, realizzato da Pubblimarket2



Chillventa stand

From the selection of fitters to the development of the project, to the creation of all static and dynamic communication at the fair, up to the supervision and turnkey delivery, Pubblimarket2 coordinated the construction of the Refrion stand in its entirety. In the stand, a scale reproduction of the Climatic Chamber was set up, the exclusive Refrion test and development laboratory, on whose external walls ad hoc technical videos were projected.

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