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Social Media Fresh, practical, free. Melby brand is so close to the world of children because it is created by a team of professionals who know their needs and those of their parents well: most of them are in fact moms and dads. The collections offer a complete range of garments and accessories for boys and girls from 0 to 16 years, with attention to the smallest details as well as fit and comfort, to accompany the little ones in their first movements and be both practical and fashion, just like the older ones. The whole range is the result of a project that has as its first objective a correct price-quality ratio.


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Dress freely. Under the corporate claim, twelve wild children were the protagonists of the creation of the spring / summer 2020 catalog, entirely created by Pubblimarket2. In a splendid location a stone’s throw from Venice they wore the garments of the new collections, from the most practical and casual to the most elegant and trendy ones, first in long open-air races and then in participating in a cheerful birthday party.


Over 600 stores distribute the Fratelli Campagnolo Group brand for which Pubblimarket2 oversaw the preparation of the new windows. For the top stores (currently about thirty in Italy), a structure has been designed that rests on a wooden base and allows to insert multi-level panels that create three-dimensionality, mark the spaces and bring out the images from the shooting of the new collection. For the remaining points of sale, the communication instead focuses on self standings and panels.


After careful analysis of the sector and brand positioning, Blu Wom has developed the communication strategy to be channeled through Instagram and Facebook, the most populated channels by Melby target: mothers. The editorial plan is designed on them, to be more effective and engaging. Copy and visual respect the integrated communication of the brand and adapt to the tone of voice of social networks. At the same time, listening and social care activities are managed. In addition to organic planning, Blu Wom also manages the campaigns.

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To make the brand and its collections, characterized by quality and style, known to the general public: this is the objective of the Press Office strategy that Blu Wom has created for Melby. Referring to the commercial and marketing directives drawn up by the company, Blu Wom has set up PR campaigns based on seasonality and specific themes, obtaining important spaces not only in children’s fashion magazines, but also in shopping columns and cross-cutting interest magazines.

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Increased awareness of the brand and its products, but also lead generation and increase of followers on social media: these are the objectives of the Influencer Marketing strategy developed for Melby by Blu Wom, which has followed the whole process step by step: from the selection of the more suitable Influencers for managing their activities, up to the measurement and analysis of the final results.

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