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Marchiol is a company specialised in the supply of electrical equipment for civil and industrial applications, and leader in the north-eastern market. It offers products, services and technological solutions in the field of electrical systems, automation, protection and security, lighting, home automation and renewable energy. Founded in 1951, Marchiol now has 21 branches in Italy and 4 abroad.
ElettroExpo, an electrical equipment exhibition, is a two-yearly event organised by Marchiol that gives an overview of the sector’s most recent innovations. The last edition was held at the Fiera di Pordenone exhibition grounds over an area of 12 thousand square meters, with the presence of over 160 exhibitors and 7500 operators in the sector.


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Pubblimarket2 organised, coordinated and managed the event, working in close contact with Marchiol’s marketing team. The theme around which the project was developed was travel. Visitors received a passport and all the necessary information to travel along a route to discover the products and offers of the exhibitors.
Besides creating the internal and external communication at the Fair, both online and offline, and all the graphics for the supporting materials (a total of over 40 tools), Pubblimarket2 was tasked with setting-up the over 12 thousand square metres of exhibition space as well as coordinating all the activities that had been planned for the three-day event.


To support the ElettroExpo event, a series of organisational and promotional activities were also planned (Promo Expo Check-In and Expo Tour), which started three months before the ElettroExpo gates were opened and up to a month after the event. For this specific area, Pubblimarket2 provided its strategic support to optimise the various dynamics and to support the management thereof, creating further ad hoc communication tools.

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