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A century-old tradition and innovation of Italian espresso in the world. San Marco is a recognized worldwide benchmark in the coffee machine sector and a natural choice for those seeking the excellence of Italian espresso. From 1920 to today, the brand has designed and built dozens of machines that have left their mark for their unique qualities and have remained in the heart of bartenders who have used them and customers who have enjoyed a coffee as it should be. That of La San Marco is the unique story of an Italian company that has successfully exported the great tradition and passion of espresso all over the world and that today, thanks to a well-established organization and an efficient commercial network, has gained an indisputable place at the top of the sector.


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ADV per la macchina da caffè 100 Touch Electronic della campagna di prodotto Ho.Re.Ca. La San Marco
soggetto ADV per la macchina da caffè Leva Luxury della campagna La San Marco nel settore Ho.Re.Ca.
ADV dedicato alla macchina da caffè 100 Touch della campagna di prodotto multi-soggetto La San Marco


The multi-subject product campaign is aimed at the main international publications of the Ho.Re.Ca. sector. The creative choice had, as its objective, a right mix between the emotion and the many exclusive technical aspects of the different models.

Leva Catalog

More than just a catalog, a training tool on the Leva world, of which La San Marco is a world leader, aimed at distributors, retailers, baristas, but also simple coffee lovers. Pubblimarket2 dealt with the ideation of the project and all the contents (from the introductory emotional part to the technical and commercial part that presents the different models of the range), as well as the photo shooting and production.

copertina e interno del dépliant commerciale per la macchina da caffè Leva Luxury di La San Marco
pagina del dépliant per la macchina da caffè Leva Luxury di La San Marco curato da Pubblimarket2
pagina tecnica sulla gamma colori nel dépliant Leva Luxury di La San Marco creato da Pubblimarket2
pagina con informazioni tecniche nel dépliant Leva Luxury di La San Marco creato da Pubblimarket2


The repositioning of the brand involved the restyling of the technical / commercial documentation: new classification, new marketing and technical contents of each product, made uniform for all the tools implemented. Technical and commercial arguments are available to the sales force to highlight the strengths of each product.


Objective: to reiterate the strong brand identity, to underline values, to draw a profile between tradition and innovation. A sought-after graphic process, essential text content, high impact images characterize an institutional tool that is full of information; an authentic business card for a brand that represents Italian espresso.

copertina e interno del company profile di La San Marco ideato da Pubblimarket2
pagina dedicata alla mission del company profile di La San Marco ideato da Pubblimarket2
pagina con i numeri del mondo La San Marco nel company profile ideato da Pubblimarket2
pagina dedicata alle persone di La San Marco nel company profile ideato da Pubblimarket2
pagina del company profile dedicata alla diffusione nel mondo delle macchine da caffè di La San Marco
pagina del company profile, realizzato da Pubblimarket2, sul brevetto Leva Class® di La San Marco
doppia pagina con foto di una macchina da caffè a leva in uso con sistema Leva Class® La San Marco


Coffee Break is the new magazine that has been fully developed by Pubblimarket2. After agreeing with the company’s marketing division on the style and philosophy to be applied, Pubblimarket2 identified the concept, defined the content and designed the graphics.
The Coffee Break magazine, which is available in printed and digital format in Italian and English aims at opening a window on the world of La San Marco and addresses not only commercial operators and specialists in the sector, but also enthusiast baristas, clients or simply coffee lovers.


Renewed in terms of graphics, structure and content, it is a portal that enhances the offer and accompanies the discovery of the brand's history, values and innovations. The References section collects images of the machines in use: a photographic globe where professionals and enthusiasts share impressions and testimonies.


pagina del sito La San Marco dedicata alla macchina da caffè V6, vista da desktop e da smartphone


We have been managing the company's Facebook profile since 2016 to share the company’s vast experience, the quality of its models and brand headlines not only with sector operators, baristas but also with the final consumer. After having defined the strategy, we draw up monthly editorial plans full of institutional content and product, without forgetting news from trade fairs or events in which the company is present. Our service is completed with the social care activity and the creation and management of sponsored campaigns.

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It's called Freshly Ground and it's a monthly appointment for sector operators involved in the company's activities in various ways. Available in two languages, it contains the most varied news, from institutional to commercial and technical news. An agile and ductile tool whose name and graphic format have been studied.

Host Stand

Pubblimarket2 coordinated the construction of the La San Marco stand for
the important Milanese appointment of Host. Two main customer needs and two thematic areas created for the occasion, for which an ad hoc communication was studied: a first reserved for the presentation of the new 2020 models collection; the second with the aim of supervising the segment of lever-operated mechanical extraction machines. Pubblimarket2 also oversaw the programming of the events that took place in the stand spaces during the whole fair.

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