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Founded in 2001, Gruppo Illiria is one of the leading players in the vending machines sector. The group has 8 operating branches, 3 subsidiaries and 2 investee companies that allow it to operate throughout most of the national territory. A proven and constantly growing structure that is ready to offer an unmatchable range of products, updated technologies and tailor-made services. Over 15 thousand distributors in Italy, more than 12 thousand customers served, 10 million monthly supplies, are the significant numbers of a group committed to sustainability and responsibility, respect for the environment and promoting healthy lifestyles.


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The company’s first corporate video is a voyage of discovery of that complex world that lies behind Illiria vending machines, highlighting their most important and innovative features. One of the biggest companies in the field, Illiria is all about new technologies, real time control, precise maintenance, choice of quality products and healthy lifestyles. Without neglecting the values of social responsibility and sustainability, of essential importance for a company that has always wanted to “look farther ahead”. The project was created entirely by Pubblimarket2, and took four days to film with a troupe of nine people as well as 54 of the company’s employees, 12 vehicles, and, of course, 20 vending machines!


In the midst of the Coronavirus emergency, Illiria dedicated a whole page of a daily newspaper to the technicians and supply clerks. The campaign studied by Pubblimarket2 is a thank you addressed to the 324 Illiria men on the front line, committed to ensuring the continuity of the service. Through the newspapers, Illiria offered its customers a coffee to “download” through the Coven App too. At a time when people are invited to respect distances by moving away from each other, the campaign wants to reiterate the Group’s closeness to all its customers.


As innovators of vending machines, Illiria is able to understand, anticipate and satisfy customer needs. For over 40 years, the Illiria Group has been able to look beyond, as suggested by the claim chosen for the corporate communication. It does this by making its staff and widespread organization available for millions of well-deserved breaks. Illiria keeps a vigilant eye on the situation, as suggested by the man looking at the world beneath from a hot air balloon.


The folder has a dual objective: training and commercial. In fact, the tool consists of a first part in which the complex issue of plastic and its recycling is analyzed and a second part in which the Illiria Group’s responses are illustrated.
In addition to the concrete actions implemented on the sustainability front, the solutions already activated today such as the Rivending Project, the bio bottles, the paper cups, the wooden pallets or the dispensers that exploit the water network are presented.


During the Coronavirus emergency, Illiria commissioned Pubblimarket2 to create a folder on the subject of security. The tool presents all the solutions applied by Illiria to guarantee the maximum sanitation of its machines, such as internal cleaning and antibacterial processes. The folder is correlated by technical data sheets that present custom solutions to deal with the Coronavirus emergency, of which the spacers on the ground, hand wash gel, the PPE machine and the equipment for both internal and external ionization of the vending machine.

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