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From the first chair, almost a century of history until the recent acquisition of LucePlan.
More than 650 stores worldwide, more than 160 million in revenue in 2019, 800 products in the catalog, 5 production sites and 100 countries served: these are the numbers of a success built on strong and always current values. Calligaris has never stopped growing, establishing itself in the world of design furniture as one of+ the best known and recognized brands.




Design Furniture


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New York, Milan, London, Tokyo: each city has its own style, each personality its own look, each of us has its own way of expressing itself and leaving a personal mark on the world. Clothing, ideas, habits, gestures and of course also the place where we live: everything contributes to determining our style, a "total look" that extends beyond the boundaries of our body to give life to an environment that reveals something about us. This is the concept behind "My life. My style.". The new campaign conceived and produced by Pubblimarket2 for Calligaris, with worldwide media planning, tells four styles and different settings for a total of nine subjects, declined in single page and double page format.


To emphasize and support the campaign message, an emotional and inspirational video concept was created by Pubblimarket2, which enhances the difference in the way we live. The editing, the result of the union between the footages collected during the location shots and the one taken during the lifestyle shots, is characterized by a distinctive music that emphasizes its dynamism.


Due to the fact that meetings and exhibitions couldn't take place as a result of ongoing lockdown, Calligaris has chosen digital channels to interact with agents and partners globally. The project, created to convey the new philosophy and identity of the brand
along side with the 2020 collection, has been communicated by Pubblimarket2 with the set up, management and creative direction of digital sales meetings. To support the event itself, the agency also developed multiple multimedia brand and product contents.


Pubblimarket2, after creating the new global advertising campaign, produced a video manifesto identifying the new corporate identity of Calligaris brand, an expression of vision and values, evolution and representation of the targets and experience of the product
in the different moments of daily life. A new brand philosophy for a company that make cultural heritage, design, creativity and made in Italy its cornerstones.


Nine videos to present the new 2020 collection and the brand's total look approach. Conceived and produced by the agency, the videos tell the new product proposals through the voice of the designers who created them, focusing on details, workmanship and functional innovations. A storytelling of styles and spots of life, to better respond to the constant evolution of the demand of an international clientele.


The concept video was the starting point for a series of 8 "and 15" videos, made specifically for publication on the main Calligaris social channels. Up to six videos have been created for each style: the protagonists are the Calligaris tables, chairs or sofas which are framed by different settings.

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The campaign concept was also declined in a numerous series of web banners, intended to be planned on the main design and furniture websites, as well as in social networks.


Pubblimarket2 managed and coordinated the production of the photoshoot and video footages for the creation of the "My life. My style." campaign. Particular attention has been paid to shooting on location, starring the products of Calligaris collection, skilfully combined with the most suitable settings to best represent each of the styles selected for the campaign. Further brand and product video productions and video interviews created for digital use, were directed on the set by the agency which oversaw all phases from the creative direction to the production.

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