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“CANCELLI APERTI” [OPEN GATES] promotiom created by Pubblimarket2

Strategy definition and tool development and production handled by Pubblimarket2.

CAME has worked in the electrical automation market for over forty years. Strategic marketing communications agency Pubblimarket2 supported the firm in defining and fine-tuning the strategy and development of the "Cancelli aperti" project, and producing all the support tools.

With a particular focus on the residential market, CAME decided to develop the “CASACAME” project, a complete series of home electrical automation services and solutions created for the end customer. Operation “Cancelli aperti” is part of this project, and will run in the Italian market throughout 2013. Created to raise consumer awareness of the need to check the proper working order of automated systems, it proposes six specific checks at a competitive price to clean and fine-tune all kinds of systems installed anywhere in Italy.

CAME entrusted the practical development of the project and the launch of the initiative itself to Pubblimarket2, which also took care of the communication strategy and action planning.
The creative concept depicts a wrought iron gate in a visibly neglected state, which expresses its need for attention with a big SOS that appears between the railings. The visual, associated with the headline “Che cosa deve fare il tuo cancello per dirti che merita più attenzione?” [What does your gate have to do to tell you it deserves more attention?], seeks to emphasise the importance of a careful periodical check-up for electric gates, which, as the body copy explains, ensures better security, durability and efficiency. 

Pubblimarket2 also took care of the format for the advertising campaign, web campaign and support materials for the geolocalized promotions, such as flyers for door-to-door distribution and POP kits for offices, local events and trade fairs. There is a specific CASACAME website, also created by Pubblimarket2, which gives further information and details on the initiative.



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