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Blu Wom has been tasked with the management of Fjällräven Italia’s Facebook page

Blu Wom, a specialized division of the integrated communication agency Pubblimarket2 and agent for PR activities, press office and influencer marketing of the Swedish company Fjällräven since 2014, has also been tasked with managing the local page (@FjallravenItaly) of the renowned outdoor clothing and equipment brand.

In addition to adapting the global content in Italian, the assignment also includes the creation of original content intended for the Italian public, together with community management activities, the creation and management of sponsored campaigns as well as monitoring and analysing the results.

"We are delighted to be able to help Fjällräven on this wonderful path of growth on the Italian market and this new assignment undoubtedly confirms the validity of the work we have done up to now" - says Francesco Sacco, President of the Pubblimarket2 Group - "This assignment further expands the range of tools at our disposal to communicate and convey the rich cultural heritage and values of the brand to the Italian public, in an original, significant and always consistent way”.

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