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Banca della Marca strengthens its web presence with Pubblimarket2

The new website designed for current account holders is now online

Pubblimarket2 is entirely responsible for the design and development of the new website for Banca della Marca, one of the leading co-operative banks in Veneto. The main aim was to create a website that was easier to use by all customers, paying great attention to the different types of current account holders represented by families, young people, businesses and professionals.

Pubblimarket2 handled the strategy, conception and technical creation of the new image and web content.
The portal was designed for use by all tablets and smartphones and also features an innovative online “virtual” help service, which allows the user to request information by filling in a form and sending the message. This tool will be further developed into an instant messaging service, eliminating distance between the bank and its customers in order to ensure efficient service.   The website will also publish important Italian news, transmitted via an RSS feed system, and will feature an area dedicated to the “Marca Solidale” mutual aid association, which will inform its members of the activities organised to benefit the local area.

Indeed, Banca della Marca wishes to strengthen its local presence, as well as reduce the distance between itself and its customers.  In order to achieve this it has devised a completely dedicated news section. Customers will also be able to find the nearest branch using an instant link to Google Maps.



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