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All the flavour and aroma of a tradition with the new La San Marco machine dedicated to lever-driven extraction.

A century-old history and the renowned world leadership in the sector of mechanical lever-operated coffee extraction machines. 
To keep a strong hold on this position, La San Marco, in collaboration with Pubblimarket2, has decided to create a training tool for all targets: distributors, retailers, individual baristas as well as simple enthusiasts.
The booklet, which is more than just a catalogue, consists of three sections: an emotional one, dedicated to the lever-extracted coffee ritual, the importance of the operator, the preparation, the tasting; a technique that emphasizes the differences between a lever-extracted coffee and an electronically-extracted coffee; an ad presenting the entire range of lever-driven products by La San Marco. Pubblimarket2 dealt with creating the structure and all the textual and visual contents, the graphic guidelines and the choice of typographic processing.
The result is an original and syntonic evoking tool, presented in Milan during Host, the International Exhibition for the hospitality industry, that is appreciated by everyone, not only those in the sector.

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